Can I be directly up with you?

95% of the advice on the web about ways to increase your website traffic is absolutely ineffective.

It’s outdated, excessively streamlined, or just plain wrong. Here’s how I know:

Over the last eight years, the websites I’ve developed have received over 200 million page views. I’ve also dealt with thousands of students in every possible niche, and I’ve seen firsthand what works and what does not.

And lots of the guidance out there … it just doesn’t work.

In specific, five myths actually trouble me. If you’re struggling to increase your traffic, opportunities are it’s since you’ve bought into one of these misconceptions.

Let’s leap in …

Myth # 1: Blogging Is a Great Way to Get Free Traffic
You ‘d believe I would agree with this one. I’m the “blogging man,” after all, so you ‘d think I ‘d be the very first person to jump on the complimentary traffic bandwagon.

Here’s the thing:

Free traffic is a fairytale.

Yes, you can get traffic without paying money, however that doesn’t mean it’s totally free. You constantly– and I indicate ALWAYS– have to trade something for it.

In the case of blogging, it’s time.

You invest your time into composing post, and if you do it correctly, you will get traffic in exchange. All other things being equivalent, the quantity of traffic you receive is also straight proportional to the time you invest.

However the idea of your blog site getting a whole bunch of traffic without investing an entire bunch of time?

It’s unrealistic. You get out exactly what you put in. Easy as that.

Misconception # 2: You Need To Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
Let me be clear …

I’ve gotten more traffic from online search engine than any other source. Millions and millions of visitors.

But is SEO a clever traffic technique for everybody?


In some cases, you’re much better off spending cash on marketing. Other times, social networks is your best choice.

How do you understand?

Well, you have to consider the situation. It depends on just how much content you have, the age of your website, the amount of online search engine traffic offered, the elegance of the competition, your character, the way you want to spend your time, your spending plan, and lots of other aspects.

The issue is, nobody tells you this. They imply that enhancing your website for online search engine is always a wise move.

And that’s just rubbish.

No traffic strategy is right for everybody all the time. You have to think about the scenario you are in at the moment and compare the pros and cons of each strategy.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is either stupid or deceitful.

Myth # 3: You have to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc
. In some methods, this misconception is a repeat of the last one, but it’s so widespread I figured it deserves its own area.

Everybody wants to get more traffic from social networks. The problem is, there are a gazillion different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat– the list is already long as hell, and it’s getting longer all the time.

Exactly what do a lot of individuals do?

A bit of everything. They divide their time between a lot of various platforms, and they never get anywhere.

It’s an error. Rather of dividing your time in between a bunch of different strategies, hoping one of them will work, you have to discover the one strategy that appears to be the very best option for your particular scenario and after that go all in.

And here’s what will really make your head blow up:

In some cases, social networks isn’t really the answer. Sometimes, you should ignore all of it. Facebook, Twitter, everything.


You can focus. When you’re a novice, focus is everything.

Either concentrate on one platform, or remove social networks from your method completely, but do not spread yourself in between all the various platforms. That’s a surefire method to fail.

Myth # 4: There Are Hundreds of Ways to Get Traffic
Speaking of spreading yourself thin, social networks is just part of the problem. Dig around, and you’ll discover there are hundreds of ways to get traffic.

Which one is well for you? How do you pick?

If you’re not mindful, you’ll come down with a nasty case of analysis paralysis. There are just too many alternatives.

However here’s a little secret:

While there are hundreds of various methods to obtain traffic, there are only five sources of traffic worth speaking about:

Internet search engine
Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and so on).
Social bookmarking (Pinterest, Reddit, and so on).
Links/referral traffic.

In the last years, the specific methods and strategies within those classifications have altered, but none of the classifications have. It’s been incredibly steady.

The trick is selecting the right one for you, which brings us to …

Myth # 5: One Traffic Source Is Inherently Better Than Another.
Individuals say all the time about the “finest” method to obtain traffic, but here’s the thing:.

With traffic, everything is contextual.

In the blogging market, for example, search engine traffic is dominant. It dwarfs all the other traffic sources.

In the self-improvement market, on the other hand, Facebook is king. Not even the almighty Google comes close.

Simply puts, the “best” traffic source quite depends on your market. It also depends upon another unexpected factor:.


Working one-on-one with countless bloggers, I’ve learned that people have different strengths and weaknesses. Normally, you will have a natural affinity for only one of the traffic sources, and the others will be hard or repulsive to you.

Remarkably, it’s also pretty predictable.

Do you like data, spreadsheets, and analysis? Well then, you must look into advertising.

Or are you more of an individuals person with a strong character? In that case, your best choice is a social channel where you can communicate with your fans.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be talking a lot about this, as well as giving you assistance on ways to pick the ideal method for you. In the meantime, here’s exactly what you need to know …

This Is Complicated Shit.
And it draws.

You’re probably like, “Daniel, can’t you just offer me a detailed plan I can follow? Something simple and to the point?”.

The honest response:.

No. Not if you wish to get the traffic yourself, anyway.

If you’re running a company, and you have some cash to invest, the simplest method to go is to hire a company with a proven track record. They can deal with all this crap for you.

If you’re all on your own, bootstrapping your way to success?

The most vital thing you can do is embrace the complexity. Realize you have a lot to discover and commit yourself to learning it.

Fortunately is I can offer you a roadmap. It’s full of difficult decisions, twists and turns, detours and obstructions, however at least it’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Next week, I’ll begin a little email series for our subscribers on the topic. Sign up for our list, if you’re not already.

Up until then?

Choose exactly what you’re ready to trade for traffic.

Are you ready to trade time? Or are you willing to trade money?

It’s the first step. That a person basic choice.

Leave me a remark with your decision. I’ll be watching.