Content Pros Podcast: Reap the Strategies and Secrets of the Best in the Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from the best content marketers in the world in the comfort of your home or office, without having to make preparations to sit down with them? You’re in luck! Randy Frisch, COO at Uberflip, and I prepare the questions and reveal the strategies and secrets of these content marketers every Thursday at All you need is a pair of headphones, and you get access to the learn the pros’ successful approaches to strategy, operations, measurement, staffing, and more.

Is thus your first time listening in? We've gathered the last month's worth of shows here in one place for you.

We dive into some hot content marketing topics including the emergence of social video, the rise of experience optimization, a revolutionary approach to free content marketing, and the importance of prioritizing analysis for content strategies.

Content Attribution and Positive

Proving ROI for content marketing is difficult for even the most seasoned of marketers. The numbers bear this out as 79% of content marketers confess to being unsuccessful at proving ROI. It seems impossible to know how somebody gets from Point A to Point B when they have 50 paths to choose from. So how do you measure the unmeasurable?

We start with Dave Rigotti, the Head of Marketing at Bizible. He is one of the 21% that have figured out how to measure and then apply learnings from content ROI.

His ahead-of-the-curve approach to content ROI will help you measure your marketing plan’s effectiveness and grow your B2B brand organically through content.

Just released, hear Dave talk about:

  • Why making every marketing dollar count means measuring content
  • How educational content leads customers down the funnel
  • Why proving ROI means content attribution
  • How mapping your content leads to a profitable content team
  • Why compounding returns on your marketing means owning your community

Acquire and Nurture With Social Video

For a seasoned marketer the thought of unscripted, uncontrolled, and unpredictable consumer engagement can be a terrifying prospect. Brian Fanzo, CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, understands those fears but is here to put them to rest—because social video is here to stay. It’s definitely not a passing fancy and the stat of the week outlines just how important mobile video will become in the next five years.

For Brian, succeeding in this medium is about embracing the cultural shift to casual, trusting your employees, and thinking like a fan.

It’s not too late to hear from Brian about:

  • Why an evolving culture means a more casual, humanistic approach to content
  • How a growing variety of social video platforms leads to social marketing segmentation
  • Why a successful social engagement strategy means thinking like a fan
  • How building a community doesn’t mean building a following
  • Why live video needs its own strategy

The Fall of Keywords and the Rise of Experience Optimization

Mike Templeman, Founder and CEO of Foxtail Marketing, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the advantage of experience optimization and tailoring content to fit the reality of your customer’s behavior.

To sum it up nicely, data rules everything around.

Mike is a strong believer that everything is quantitative and data can measure anything. Even something as theoretical as customer experience can, and should, be analyzed and used to build organic growth. The days of SEO are over and we now sit squarely in the era of customer experience.

Here are 5 lessons you can learn by listening to Mike now:

  • Why a perfectly optimized keyword doesn’t automatically mean a huge increase in sales
  • How a close review of your lead sources can lead to a complete reframing of your website focus
  • The necessary disappearance of your marketing secret sauce
  • Why quantifying experience means following the actions of your customers
  • How looking at bounce rate and pages per session leads to vital data for optimizing experience

Why Gated Content and Lead Forms Are Killing Sales

Imagine a world where all marketing content was free. Nobody had to fill out long lead sheets and gates to content were a thing of the past.

Does that make your skin crawl? Give you a tight feeling in your chest? Have you already pushed back on the idea based on the fact that it’s simply just not done?

Dave Gerhardt, Marketing Lead at, is here to crash a Drift wrecking ball right through your notions of traditional marketing. Drift has truly turned the process upside down by making all of their content free and accessible to all.

Go to or click here for more on Dave’s revolutionary approach:

  • How gated content leads to lost sales from the modern consumer
  • Why succeeding in marketing means remembering what it’s like to be a consumer
  • How simplifying metrics leads to clearer and more obtainable marketing goals
  • Why using product qualified leads (as opposed to the standard MQLs) means more organic growth
  • How a change in email tone and appearance can lead to more appealing content on a human level

How to Energize Customers With Effective Content Planning

As a marketer, it can feel a little like digging in a sand dune to keep on top of what’s hot, what’s not, and how to continually engage an evolving client base. Every time you make progress, more sand trickles in and fills the space you just made.

In my last appearance as guest, as I transition to becoming the new co-host, I share my approach to balancing strategy with action. This will help guide you to finding the right content methodology for your field. It also pulls back the curtain a bit on the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Listen in to hear as I goes over the following content insights:

  • Why good content strategy means higher-level focus
  • How repurposing old successful content leads to increased customer engagement
  • Why planning for next year means working in a state of constant analysis and evaluation
  • How MQLs indicate content plan effectiveness
  • Why gated content isn’t the only way to capture a prospect’s information

Once you are done listening to all of these great podcasts and you want to settle in and do some reading, take a look at the Future of Content Marketing. Econsultancy also interviewed a whole bunch of experts and practitioners to where this every changing world of content is going.