Download the Book, “How to Make More Money”

Released in 1907 (not a typo) this is maybe the very first practical book ever written on direct marketing.

An excerpt: “Be sure that your follow-up system is bringing you the maximum results … Maybe you can make changes in your letters – potentially you might add a letter or 2 making different propositions, and so on – that would make your follow-up letters more reliable …”.

” Your follow-up letters must not simply work as pointers. Each letter must speak about your proposal from a different viewpoint or stress some feature or includes not so highly highlighted in the other letters.”.

The author Louis Guenther is well understood for establishing a publication called ‘Financial World’ which operated from 1902 to 1998. Two of his workers went on to discovered Forbes and Barron’s. But in 1907, he focused his substantial business savvy on selling by mail.

Surprisingly enough, much of what appears in this rare book – such as the best ways to select items and compose ad copy – is still 100% applicable today to the Internet.