We are all aware that reaching out to our target market efficiently is now more crucial than ever before. Still, we can find this increasingly challenging because of a busy schedule and what might prove to be limited resources. Wouldn’t it be excellent if there were automated procedures that took a lot of the guess work out of the equation?

Certainly, this has already come to be a reality for lots of businesses. Some even think that 2016 is set to be a milestone year in relations to this type of automation. As a matter of fact, statistics seem to back up this estimation. Why is marketing automation playing center stage in regards to reaching out to an audience and what can we expect to see in the near future?

Simple and Easy

Marketing should certainly never be complicated. The less complex an approach is, the better it has the tendency to be. This is the whole idea behind marketing automation programs. They are meant to take the effort away from reaching out to your target market while continue to providing them with beneficial (and relevant) information. This will definitely save your business time and even money.

Software application such as MailChimp, HubSpot and InfusionSoft have already created a massive impression inside this industry, and for good reason. The less work you invest in manually emailing and contact clients, the more you can commit back into core tasks like sales and product development. This particular fact has not fallen upon stone deaf ears, as this has been shown that no lower than 77% of all CMOs experience that marketing automation is critical at increasing revenue.

Not Simply Concerning Convenience Alone

We should also bear in mind that technological innovation often evolve alongside marketing techniques. Lots of software packages are actually much more user-friendly compared to they were only a few years back. Consequently, they are a lot easier to use and require minimal training. Additionally, they are not close to as “hands on” as in the past. And so, even people with limited digital marketing experience can learn their “nuts and bolts” in a snap whatsoever. This specific is another reason that such systems have recently become significantly popular.

Even so, we should not overlook that the end user is a lot more discriminating than previously. He or she expects to get addressed in a far more “organic” manner. Modern automation software is now capable to deal with this need. Here are two good examples of how the systems have actually changed:

- Dear sir or madam, many thanks for your interest in our product. Simply navigate to this link to enjoy what else we might be able to provide you.

- Dear John, thanks a lots for taking the time to invest in the latest Zoho upgrade. Since we have your attention, why not take a look at these related products? They will definitely be great in helping you boost ROI in ways that you certainly never thought possible.

It is definitely clear that the secondary statement is far more personalized and as a result, it tends to receive a much higher clickthrough rate. In shorts, the days of the generic automated e-mail are lengthy gone.

Exactly what Can We Expect?

While it may seem an observation extracted from a science fiction novel, it is actually estimated that 85% of all customer relationships will be automated due to the year 2020. Obviously, this does certainly not mean that we can purely ignore human interaction. Rather, marketing automation solutions will turn into massively crucial methods to bridge the gap between curious visitor and qualified client.

We always should keep in mind that the organic relationship with the customer is key; despite how advanced marketing strategies end up being in the future.