Finally, spying that won't get you arrested

Finally, spying that won't get you arrested

Give your marketing department lifetime access to this double secret information

Steve Jobs kept this Pablo Picasso quote close to his heart when he was leading the team that developed the Macintosh computer:

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

So when working on your marketing strategy, why are you trying to start from scratch?

Your best competitors have already done the hard work for you!

Why not peek under the kimono and see what you can find?

Well with iSpionage, you can!

iSpionage tells you exactly what:

See what ads your competitors are running.

Ads your competitors are running (and the exact copy of their most effective ads).

Spy on your competitors for only $49!

Keywords they’re ranking for.

Spy on your competitors for only $49!

Landing pages they use (and what keywords target them).

And TONS more!

What could you do with this kind of information?

iSpionage gives you everything you need to FIND YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS.

Soon, you’ll have landing pages that will convert visitors into customers, and customers into lifelong taco lovers.

How much would you pay for this kind of recon?




How much ad spend would you save over your lifetime with this kind of information?

With all the info you could pull from iSpionage, you’re probably thinking you’d have to pay a boatload.

But, you have a Sumo Membership Card. (You don’t have one? How did you find this? Security!)

iSpionage’s basic monthly plan (with 100 searches per day) would run the average Joe $348/year. (A steal if it helps you run even one profitable ad campaign.)

However, today… Today, my friends, you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to iSpionage Basic for only $49!

Stop trying to clean your screen, you read right.

Lifetime access for only $49.

Start spying here.

Fellow information detectives had this to say about iSpionage:

Spy on your competitors for only $49!

We’ve all heard of Unbounce, but who the heck is Thomson Reuters? 😉

So what separates iSpionage from its competitors?

For starters, iSpionage gives users insight into the entire conversion funnel. We’re talking keywords, ads, AND landing pages.

iSpionage also has two proprietary indexes (Keyword Effectiveness Index and Ad Effectiveness Index) that you can use to sort keywords and ads so you can study and swipe the most profitable ones first. (Don’t waste time studying the duds.)

Spy on your competitors for only $49!

(So many tools!)

We all know that being aware of what successful companies are doing is important.

Which is why we hustled to get you this deal.

But, you have to hustle to get this deal before it runs out.

$49 for lifetime access to something like this doesn’t last forever! (Actually doesn’t last very long.)

Get this deal now!

Lifetime Access to iSpionage Basic

  • 100 Searches Per Day
  • Keyword and Ad Effectiveness Index to test profitability
  • Competitor SEO Terms & Traffic Value to see which keywords bring organic traffic
  • Access to millions of landing pages being used by top advertisers
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

AppSumo Price: $49
Original Price: $500

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