Is your mom your only fan?

Is your mom your only fan?

Let Quuu Promote serve as your blog's personal hype man and watch social media interactions soar.

I had the same problem.

I was pumping out great articles – but no one was reading them.

Well, we have a tool that’s going to help your articles go viral.

Quuu Promote will get your articles in front of up 100,000+ real people on social media.


  1. Upload your blog post link.
  2. Customize it for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more!
  3. Select what type of social media accounts you want to promote on.
  4. Then sit back, and watch your article get shared on social media across thousands of accounts for 60 days at a time.

Get $720 worth of Quuu Promote credits for only $39!

For a measly $30, a Quuu Promote credit gets your article in front of up to 100,000+ people for 30 days.

And considering how much it costs to run a promotion on FaceBook or Twitter – $30 is a steal!

But, we really wanted a great deal on this, so we did what any reasonable company would do, and challenged the owners of Quuu to a tug-of-war match.

Luckily, yours truly has been hitting the elliptical twice a week.

So, we got you 12 Quuu Promote credits worth up to $720 for only $39!

That’s more than 95% off!

(Debra fell out of her chair again!)

Not ready to promote yet? No worries, these credits never expire.

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So what makes Quuu Promote special?

  1. These are actual posts shared across real accounts (not “promoted” Tweets) to followers with an interest in your area of expertise! This is huge!
  2. Since your content is being shared by real people, ad blockers won’t consider it spam – allowing your articles to be seen by more people!
  3. Your content is promoted on major social media sites simultaneously! (We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+)

Get $720 worth of Quuu Promote credits for only $39!

860 clicks! I’ve paid $1,000+ on Facebook Ads for that kind of performance.

(Folks love it and so should you.)

Here are some FAQs:

  • Do these credits expire? Nope! Credits never expire!
  • Can I use these credits on any tier? Yes. Each credit can be used for Tier 1, 2 or 3 audiences.
  • How long will each article be promoted? Since each credit is worth double, your article will be promoted for 60 days.
  • So how many articles can I promote in total? You will have 12 credits good for promoting 12 different articles.

Get $720 worth of Quuu Promote credits for only $39!

So what is $39 getting you?

12 Quuu Promote credits that never expire for any tier of categories! Yes, even Tier 3 with a reach of 100,000+ people!

And that’s not all we got you.

Normally, each Quuu Promote credit is for 30 days of exposure. But with this crazy deal, each credit is worth double – so you get 60 days of exposure for only $39!

That’s only $9 more than the price of a single credit.

Because every article is carefully read and curated by a real human, there is a limit of two Quuu credits that can be used per month.

Do you realize how many interactions you’re going to get with 12 Quuupons? (I don’t think you do.)

You need to get your brand out there, and you need to use a trusted resource.

Quuu Promote is that resource.

You’re writing great content. It’s time you get it in front of thousands of eager eyes.

Get Quuu Promote for only $39 here!

P.S. – Because of the nature of this product, we only have a limited amount of codes for this deal.

$720 of Quuupons to promote your content

  • Get your content shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ simultaneously
  • Promote your content to over 100,000 viewers through real influencers
  • Deal is for 12 Quuu credits total for any Tier
  • Each credit is worth double (60 days of exposure)
  • Max of 2 credits can be used per month
  • Credits never expire
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

AppSumo Price: $39
Original Price: $720

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