Media Companies’ Reach Per Facebook Post Plummeting in 2016 (Study)

Facebook has introduced several features and initiatives aimed at boosting the presence of media companies on the social network, so why are those media companies seeing their reach per post nosediving?

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Social media optimization platform SocialFlow analyzed the Facebook pages of some 3,000 media companies that use its platform from January through May, and it found that reach per post for those pages plummeted 42 percent.

According to SocialFlow, combined reach of posts by those pages peaked in January, and then, following a change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, it experienced a sharp drop in February and remained fairly consistent through May.


Perhaps in an effort to respond to the algorithm change, publishers on SocialFlow’s platform steadily ramped up their post counts month by month.


However, that strategy proved unsuccessful, as those media companies’ pages saw average reach per post sink, dropping by 42 percent in May compared with January.


SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson discussed his company’s findings in a video posted to Facebook, embedded below.

Readers: Have you noticed more, less or the same amount of media content in your News Feeds so far in 2016?

Media Companies’ Reach on Facebook

Posted by SocialFlow on Thursday, June 2, 2016

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.