Something I learned a long period of time ago in Network Marketing is…

Something I learned a long period of time ago in Network Marketing is that no one owns individuals. The only thing you have in company are RELATIONSHIPS. People recur in companies each day. Opportunities come and go.
If its you that’s leaving, do not burn your bridges on the way out. If it’s someone on your group that is leaving, offer them your blessings and want them well.
Stop fretting about individuals “taking your people”. There is no such thing as that. That is an absence mentality. It’s a plentiful Universe. There is no absence. People have free will and they will do whatever they want.
I’ve been in companies and had people on my group leave to other chances and return 2, 3 and even 4 years later on and say to me. Darren exactly what are you dealing with these days? I had the most individual growth when I was dealing with you on your group and I want to know exactly what you are dealing with now so we can collaborate again.
You remain in an individual development company design and as individuals grow, they also change. As they grow, some may not resonate with your company anymore. Just be okay with that. That’s life.
Bear in mind that not every opportunity is a suitable for everyone. If individuals can’t make money in your opportunity, it doesn’t suggest that it’s not a terrific opportunity. It simply wasn’t a suitable for that certain individual and they will start looking for other ways to make an income. Just be ok with that. That’s life.
The business model is 95% MINDSET. Stay concentrated on personal development, leadership, supplying value and work daily on creating solid RELATIONSHIPS.