Struggling to get customers? Not anymore

Struggling to get customers? Not anymore

Pitch your product to influential journalists who actually give a damn

10 years ago, Dmitry Dragilev, was a nobody with zero industry connections.

Today, he’s had 1,300+ stories written about his companies (in publications like Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and FastCompany), used PR to grow a startup from zero to 40M+ pageviews/month and sold it to Google, and he even took his personal blog from zero to $100k in earnings in just 9 months!

Fast forward 10 years and he’s distilled that knowledge into a beautiful easy-to-use app:

Meet JustReachOut, a machine learning app which helps you get your startup in front of millions of eyeballs in just a few minutes of work!

One Year Access to JustReachOut

You see, most of us waste our time trying to reach out to journalists with generic, uninteresting pitches.

(Or even worse, responding to a press newsletter requesting quotes, crafting the perfect email, only to get completely ignored.)

JustReachOut helps you bypass the madness using a simple and effective three-step formula:

First step: Describe your product in the search engine.

Second step: Find journalists interested in your product.

Third step: Use proven pitch templates to help reporters write about your product.

That’s it!

But I want y’all to focus on step two because this is where the magic happens.

JustReachOut helps you contact the exact influencers and journalists so you can build long-term relationships and hockey stick your growth!

(The search engine is international and all contact info is double checked by real humans so you never send a pitch to the wrong person.)

One Year Access to JustReachOut

What better way to implement the Skyscraper Technique?

Usually, JustReachOut will charge its members $65/month for unlimited searches and 50 pitches per month. (Not bad!)

Today, we are teaming up with JustReachOut to bring you Sumo-lings access to their services for an entire year… for only $49!

You are paying less than what a typical user pays per month!

Get it before it expires!

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(Traditional PR firms charge thousands of dollars and require huge $$$ minimum retainers.)

Why not just do it yourself today with just a few minutes of work?

“We had one strategic goal when we started using JustReachOut: rank at the top of page 1 on Google for the term “sales management” since we’re a “sales management” tool. We now rank #2 for this term which gets 50K average searches a month. During the process of using the service, we have become guest contributors at Huffington Post, Inc, LinkedIn Sales Blog, and many others. Not only did we achieve our goal but we became guest writers for huge publications. We’re thrilled with the results!” – Brad Zomick Director of Content Marketing @ Pipedrive

How much more credibility would your company have if you get just one article featured in a major publication?

(Hello free traffic and high-quality backlinks!)

Here’s Brian from Backlinko, who – after two failed attempts with PR agencies – used JustReachOut to land stories on TechCrunch and Entrepreneur magazine:

One Year Access to JustReachOut

One Year Access to JustReachOut

“Is this some sort of a database of contacts?”


JustReachOut constantly updates (every 12 hours) the journalists you should contact by using a dynamic search engine that learns more about you each search! (Hint: Use different keywords to describe product, industry, and competitors.)

It even updates to help you find Journalists who WANT to write about you and your topic based on recent articles authored.

The engine even alerts you on relevant Quora/Reddit/HelpAReporter queries so you can jump in and provide a definitive answer (driving traffic back to your site).

Ok, so realistically, what are your options?

You could keep sending out boring pitches, pay an expensive PR firm, or use a proven PR method for an entire year for only $49.

With one year of access, you’ll have more than enough time to figure out if press is a viable marketing channel for you or your clients.


Seems like an easy decision to us.

But if you need some icing on the cake, Dmitry has also agreed to throw in lifetime access to his How to get free press for your startup course ($499 value)!

Let’s get you the PR your company needs.

Start using JustReachOut now!

Would you pay a PR firm $200 for a single article written about you? Skip the middle man and create those connections today for only $49!

One Year Access to JustReachOut

  • 1-year subscription to JustReachOut's PR platform.
  • Unlimited search results on PR Platform.
  • Contact info for 50 journalists a month.
  • Proven email templates to get results.
  • Credit card entry required (Sorry for the inconvenience. Checkout system requires a credit card for account creation).
  • Lifetime access to "How to get free press for your startup" course ($499 value)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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Original Price: $1,279

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