The 3 Mistakes Every Marketer Must Avoid When It Comes To Data Driven Marketing

Friday Five time, our curated collection of 5 recent articles on one topic. This time around it's Data Driven Marketing. 

3 Mistakes That Kill Any Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

For enterprise organizations, tapping into the power of data to maximize marketing performance has become so pervasive that data itself now lives at the crossroads of all activity. This is evidenced by the rise in adoption of Data-Driven Marketing, a strategy that refers to all marketing decisions and actions using data related to customers. However, as with any marketing technology, trend or strategy, mass adoption does not necessarily indicate effectiveness.

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Report: Organisational silos and culture inhibiting data-driven marketing

New report from CMO Council looks at the state of data utilization by marketers in the name of customer experience as well as marketing technology investments and satisfaction.

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Data Never Sleeps 4.0

When I started Domo, there were two billion internet users globally, and another four billion who had cell phones. Those numbers may seem impressive, but they pale in comparison to the connectedness of today’s world. Fast forward five years: The global internet population has grown by more than 60%, and there are more mobile devices on the planet than people. These mobile connections alone generate more than 18 million megabytes of data every minute — and that’s just in the U.S.

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The data-driven marketer is on the rise and it is awesome for sales teams. Marketers and their technology have become the key to understanding prospect outreach and relationship building for sales teams. In the best case scenario, sales professionals can use the valuable insights and information gained for our friends in marketing to make better informed sales outreach decisions. We can create more efficiency within our process, increase conversions, and plan better and stronger sales plays.

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How Big Data Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing

Many people believe that great marketing is an art form, but lately big data has added a serious dose of science into the mix. Smart marketers are now relying on data more than ever before to inform, test, and iterate their strategies.

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