This is your last chance to grab $720 worth of Quuu Promote credits!

This is your last chance to grab $720 worth of Quuu Promote credits!

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Get $720 Quuu Promote credits for only $39!


Because Quuu Promote will get your articles in front of 100,000+ real people on social media.


Well, Quuu has a huge network of influencers looking for hand-curated content in relevant categories to share with their followers.

Hmmm… sounds expensive. How much will this run?

Normally, one Tier 3 Quuu credit would run you $30 for 30 days of promotion.

But for the next 24 hrs only, you can get 12 Quuu Promote credits for 60 days of promotion for $39!

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  1. Upload your blog post link.
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Get $720 Quuu Promote credits for only $39!

Here are some FAQs:

  • Do these credits expire? Nope! Credits never expire!
  • Can I use these credits on any tier? Yes. Each credit can be used for Tier 1, 2 or 3 audiences.
  • How long will each article be promoted? Since each credit is worth double, your article will be promoted for 60 days.
  • So how many articles can I promote in total? You will have 12 credits good for promoting 12 different articles.

You have written great articles – now it’s time to let Quuu Promote put it in front of relevant eyes.

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P.S. – Because of the nature of this product (manually vetted), there is a limit of 2 credits per month. Please allow up to 72 hrs for the first month’s submission due to the heavy influx from this AppSumo deal.

$720 of Quuupons to promote your content

  • Get your content shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ simultaneously
  • Promote your content to over 100,000 viewers through real influencers
  • Deal is for 12 Quuu credits total for any Tier
  • Each credit is worth double (60 days of exposure)
  • Max of 2 credits can be used per month
  • Credits never expire
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

AppSumo Price: $39
Original Price: $720

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