This is definitely the beauty of working online and also for yourself, compared to a regular job, there really is no limitation to how much you can earn. I remember a job I use to work at previously. After 6 months at work, these guys informed me I was  receiving a salary increase, I was such as oh great how much. They told me.50. Yes fifty cents, half of a 1 Dollar Bill, 5 Dimes.


You should really have seen the appeal of dislike on my face. This feels like a put-down, slap on the face to be offered that amount. It would definitely have been much better if they really 

did not even give me a raise.

I love having my very own Online Business. There is absolutely no Boss saying to me when I can and can not pee, I can easily take vacations and travel 12 months out of the year. Every one of the days fused for me now. That's funny I use to hate Mondays. Now I do not even realize that's Monday the majority of the time, until somebody which has a job they hate, such as I use to, complaining to me,"I hate Mondays!"

The point is, you do not hate Mondays, you simply hate what your are actually doing to earn money. Assuming that you really loved what you were doing as well as had the liberty to work any time you preferred, even a couple of hours a week, could very well going to bed at every single day if you wanted to, without any alarm. You definitely would not hate Mondays. I used to hate them, I really don't anymore. It feels like a weekend everyday for me.

I do not even use my alarm clock. I am able to go and eat just as long as I want, there really is no "HALF AN HOUR" for lunch and in case you are 2 minutes late you will not get paid for having your lunch. Absolutely no, there is not any of that madness in my life ever again.

I don't forget, once I needed to go to the restroom at my job, but these guys would not permit me to, due to the fact that I already took my 1 Restroom break for 3 hrs, which was allowed. Isn't that insane? That you do not even have the freedom to attend the restroom without restraint, and that`s actually the reason why they call jobs jail, haha.

Alright, back into happy and positive talk. I have actually had my tirade regarding regular jobs. My aspect was simply, you do definitely not need to live your life along with limitations at your existing job, or perhaps struggle online in order to make money, in order to have your very own passive business.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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