That is Why Top Recruiters are Almost NEVER the Top Earners Part 2

She responded, “Exactly!”.

We were so telepathically in tune, to some reading this right now, this discussion may not make total feeling for a few reasons.
First, it’s secure to state that we had simply damaged commandments.

# 1 and # 2 of the ‘old-fashioned’ bible.

1.) Make a listing of 100 of your closest friends and family.

2.) Prospect everyone that comes within 3-feet of you (i.e. the 3 foot policy).

And in fact, I’m so contrarian with this respect, my household has NO IDEA what my business requires, what opportunity I’m entailed with or what products I sell.
As for they are worried, I’m probably still in Amway, I’m making millions and also thankfully don’t bother them anymore.
( FYI I’m not in Amway, however I do run a 7-figure company yet I don’t need to pitch it to a bachelor I know.).

However, the much more nuanced part of the discussion over could pertain to the link in between “Everyone is NOT Your Possibility” and “Top Recruiters are Nearly Never the Top Income earners” …

You see, it has actually been my experience that the most significant income earners in the network marketing area were NOT always the leading recruiters of the firm, since a legitimate company does not pay you to hire people.
They pay you to produce volume (i.e. product sales) and also teach others to do the very same.

So what a LEADING INCOME EARNER in a business has found out is that they have to grow a huge organization EXTENSIVE, NOT simply in SIZE … as well as those reps comprehensive need to produce quantity (i.e. be high quality leaders).

The true key to building a secure 6- and also 7-figure business in network marketing (or any other business for that matter) is actually to have greater emphasis on TOP QUALITY over AMOUNT.

This Post will certainly be continued …

Everyone is not your Prospect