Why Top Recruiters Are Almost NEVER the Top Earners Part 1

Why Top Recruiter never are the Top Earners

This past week, I had a remarkable discussion with a top earner in a fast growing internet marketing firm, called Laura.

Laura is in fact part of a small elite group of top producers, that recently started working with Elite Marketing Pro in order to help take their business building efforts online and also enhance the amazing success they’ve had offline.
As I asked her inquiries regarding her background and on just how she gained her down line organization– including her structure philosophy. The sort of people she recruits, how she trains new people as they can be found in, the timing of promotions she runs, etc., and to my shock, I found myself quietly responding my head ‘yes’ to everything she was carrying out in her business.

Could you believe it?

A pure ONLINE recruiting advocate, such as myself, was thrilled and in overall arrangement with exactly how a top income earner in internet marketing constructed her company OFFLINE!

In fact, much of the things I hated concerning conventional company building in multi level marketing, she didn’t like either!
I had actually discovered my offline soul-mate.

She really did not count on making a list of 100 closest friends and family for the purposes of pitching an opportunity to.

She really did not like being out at supper with her family and sensation urged to possibility the waiter or anyone else for that matter.

As she claimed, “If I’m out with my family members, I desire my complete focus on get on my family.”.

What triggered this conversation was that she had actually checked out a message online by a mlm trainer that was titled, “Everyone IS your Prospect”.
I think she practically threw up a little in her mouth when she saw that.
She adamantly & angrily claimed, “Everybody is NOT Your Prospect! I’m sorry, yet being someone with a pulse whom I aren’t sure is not qualification enough.”.

I resembled, “Right on … you’re preaching to the choir below!”.
Recognizing specifically just what she was assuming, I then adhered to up with …

Will be continued in a next Post, stay tuned!