Want 3,000 targeted leads?

Want 3,000 targeted leads?

LeadFuze is here to take the pain out of finding prospects

Back in 2008, Justin McGill started his digital marketing agency.

His marketing agency was doing well, but that was because he spent roughly 6 hours per day prospecting for new business.

(I’m sure he would have rather spent those 6 hours doing something cool, like baking or browsing AppSumo deals.)

However, once business started taking off, he quickly realized he wouldn’t be able to dedicate 6 hours a day to searching for new prospects.

He knew what he truly needed was a scalable way to generate leads.

Thus, Justin McGill blessed the world with LeadFuze!

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

LeadFuze is a lead generation tool that will make your life (and your sales team’s lives) much, much easier.

With LeadFuze’s Chrome Extension, you’re able to quickly create a targeted list of potential leads, pull their contact information, and then (if you want) automatically send them personalized emails with your pitch!

What used to take 6 hours, now takes less than 6 minutes!

Main features of LeadFuze:

Finds your ideal prospects– Use LinkedIn or search within the app to uncover email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, social media profiles, etc. of over 200 million B2B professionals! (This is some James Bond stuff if you ask me.)

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

By searching for “venture capital partners” in “San Francisco”, I was able to quickly scrape a targeted list. With emails!

Automated outreach– No need to email each prospect individually. All you have to do is create a series of emails and watch as LeadFuze sends them out automatically!

Prospects not responding quickly enough? LeadFuze automatically sends a follow-up email! (yes, they are can-spam compliant and follow-ups stop automatically with built in reply detection).

Now you can spend time on the leads that actually want to talk to you.

Real-time reporting– Analyze the effectiveness of individual emails with reports that track open rates, click-throughs, and responses!

Whether you’re looking for new sales leads, venture capital funding, press exposure, blogger outreach, and more, LeadFuze has your back.

Normally, for up to 3,000 verified prospects, they charge $400/month (considering other companies charge double that, $400 is a reasonable price).

But, let’s be honest, you’re not here for a “reasonable” price.

So, I’ll cut to the chase.

LeadFuze has agreed to offer those 3,000 verified prospects (reg $400), for the insanely low price of only $49!

And not just for one month, these credits never expire!

Yep, $49 is all you need to access 3,000 prospects to help your business flourish.

Get LeadFuze here!

LeadFuze invests a ton of money every month into their data providers like EmailHunter and Clearbit (way more money than you’ll ever have to pay LeadFuze) so you’re getting the best and latest data.

And it’s clear people appreciate that:

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

Other features that come with this deal:

Get future prospects for 50% off– If you ever run out of credits, LeadFuze agreed to give you Sumo-lings 50% off any of their plans should you choose to upgrade.

Ability to connect your personal email account to send automated emails and follow-ups for that personalized touch.

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

If you are in sales, freelance, or just run a business, you need to add LeadFuze to your arsenal.

Nowhere else on the interwebs will you find 3,000 quality prospects for only $49. (And your credits never expire! Use them this month, next year, 5 years from now!)

I know you value your time, so let LeadFuze worry about lead generation, while you worry about important things (like, product launches or finding out who keeps putting the toilet paper roll on backwards at the office… monsters).

Start generating leads now!

P.S. This deal ends next week or when we run out of codes, whichever comes first.

Get 3000 Prospects for $49!

  • 3,000 verified prospects which can be used at any time!
  • Get prospects boost for 50% off. Should you choose to upgrade, LeadFuze agreed to give you 50% off any future plans.
  • Ability to connect your email account to automate the sending of personalized email outreach and follow-ups!
  • For Chrome only.
  • Your credits never expire.
  • One user only.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

AppSumo Price: $49
Original Price: $400

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