Want To Know How To Harness Data and Optimize Customer Experience?

Data and customer experience (CX) may be the two biggest things on marketers' collective minds right now. Marketers around the world want to know how to best use data and optimize the customer experience. 

Of course it's not that easy as today’s digital consumers are demanding. They have become more unforgiving of a poor customer experience and expect their desktop and mobile devices to be responsive, efficient, and easy to use. Modern Marketers understand that creating and delivering an exceptional experience—one that is unmatched by the competition—is the key to gaining continued satisfaction and loyalty from these consumers.

In fact, according to a report from Econsultancy and Ensighten more than 90 percent of CMOs and VPs of e-commerce state that customer experience optimization (CXO) is a must-have for their organization to increase revenue growth, engagement, and ROI.

But despite CXO being a critical part of successful business growth, the same study finds that almost two-thirds of marketing leaders feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of incoming data and are unable to turn it into real-time digital optimization on websites and apps.

Marketers agree that implementing an optimization program at scale can quickly become a complex task due to the multiple tools available in the industry, multiple touch points that customers use to engage with their brands, and legacy technology implemented in their organization.

Five Key Functions for Optimization

A successful optimization program enables marketers to meet business goals for revenue, market share, and cost. It converts more visitors, increases average order value, and transforms one-time visitors into loyal customers. For marketers to drive these results, there are five key functions that every optimization program should have: 

1. Testing & Targeting. Find and serve the best customer experiences for all your online visitors or key segments of visitors.

2. Personalization. Curate and deliver optimal, individual experiences to each visitor based on behavior and preferences.

3. InsightsGather data-driven insights that identify the most lucrative opportunities for optimization and uncover hidden visitor segments that can be targeted for optimal conversions.

4. Channels. Create a consistent, personalized customer experience across web, mobile, and apps.

5. IntegrationsIntegrate online and offline visitor data from multiple sources to create more meaningful, personalized customer experiences. 

Does your current technology do all this?

Hold that thought… 

Want To Know How To Harness Data and Optimize Customer Experience?

Of course you do. 

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Harness Data, Optimize Customer Experience
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