What’s New in Facebook Graph API v2.7?

Continuous Facebook Live videos and audience restrictions on Facebook Live videos, which were added to the Facebook Live application-programming interface in May, will be added to the social network’s Graph API.

Software engineer Steven Elia introduced Graph API v2.7, which will be released this fall, in a blog post, saying that in addition to the Facebook Live features, the updated API also includes improved page insights, more ad placement options and a new daily ad budget format.

Elia provided the following details on the new features that will be a part of Graph API v2.7, also directing developers to its change log:

  • Audience restrictions for Live videos: We now support the ability to target live videos to only stream to certain ages, genders, languages or locations of viewers through the API, making live streaming more accurate and relevant.
  • Continuous Live video: This addition to Facebook Live enables an unlimited live stream on Facebook. Some great use cases for continuous live include live feeds of aquariums, museums and zoos.
  • More Page Insights: We’re introducing a new page metric, allowing you to see daily follow/unfollow counts. You’ll be able to access breakdowns by organic/paid, source, time and lifetime breakdown by user demographics.
  • Ad placements update: We’ve improved our design of ads placements so that advertisers can more easily identify and select placement options that will serve them best. Advertisers can now select placements specifically on desktop, mobile, on_facebook, and off_facebook.
  • New daily ad budget logic: Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the way daily ad budget limits are interpreted. Starting from v2.7, you may be charged up to 125 percent of your daily budget. For example, if your daily budget is $10, you may be charged up to $12.50. However, your weekly spend will not exceed seven times the daily amount, or $70 in this example. We will prorate this for partial weeks.

Developers: What are your thoughts on the new features coming with Graph API v2.7?