Why Mobile Marketing Needs to be a Priority

Friday means Friday Five time – our curated collection of 5 recent articles from the around the web on one topic. This edition it's Mobile Marketing. 

Top 7 Reasons You Should Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

Mobile marketing is the "in" thing, and more and more companies are taking advantage. If your brand isn’t one of them, you need to get on the bandwagon soon — or you'll be left far behind your competitors. Here are seven reasons why marketing managers and CMOs must make mobile marketing a priority.

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Mobile Driving Online Growth in APAC

With the escalating penetration of smartphones and improving internet infrastructure across APAC, the mobile device has become consumers’ primary gateway to the internet. According to a recent GfK study, accessing the internet via the smartphone has become a daily activity for 83 per cent of the online users across eight key Asia Pacific markets, led by the Chinese (93 per cent) followed by the Thais (89 per cent), Indonesians (88 per cent), Singaporeans (87 per cent) and Vietnamese (81 per cent).

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Mobile marketing AMPlification: Content, performance and measurement

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project was created  to improve the mobile web experience; pages built with AMP HTML load instantly on mobile devices, allowing publishers to quickly serve users in their moments of need. Though originally created with publishers in mind, AMP has begun to spread to other types of sites as well. At the end of June, eBay announced that they had enabled AMP on eight million of their pages (They were the first major non-news site to do so). It has been widely anticipated that AMP capabilities will spread beyond news publishers, and this was a major step in this direction.

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How retailers are getting mobile engagement wrong

It seems like every day another major retailer is in the news struggling to maintain profits. Major brands from Walmart to Best Buy have alarmed shareholders and employees alike in recent years with struggling profits and slumping sales. For many of these companies, e-commerce (and by extension, mobile) is viewed as one of their last saving graces. However, despite the opportunities the channel presents, retailers are still struggling with mobile marketing — falling victim to the mobile engagement crisis which I’ve discussed so much before.

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Eight Things To Do When Developing Your Mobile Marketing Plan

With most of the world accessing the Internet for information from mobile devices, mobile marketing is a must. Business executives rely on mobile devices to access information just as much, if not more, than consumers. The fact of the matter is, the world is more likely to have a mobile device in their hand instead of a computer and catering to trends and demand results in larger profits and brand stability.

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