You Won't Believe How Many CMOs Don't Use Testing and Personalization

I don't know about you but back in school I was not all that fond of tests. Oh I studied for sure but more often than a sense of anxiety came over me each and every time I had to take a test. But, what I realized, eventually, was that the results of a given test gave me some idea as to how much I knew (or didn't know) about a topic or subject.

From there I knew where I needed to improve and so on. Pretty simple when you think about it. 

And according to Forrester, it would appear that a great number of marketers can see the simple benefit of testing too for their research revealed that 84% of marketers expect continuous testing and optimization to yield enhanced customer acquisition and improved revenue.

So someone please explain this finding from a survey of marketing leaders conducted by Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud,

Nearly 50% of respondents indicated they do not run any kind of A/B testing whatsoever. That number if staggering boys and girls. 

Not So Personal

Then there's the subject of personalization. You remember personalization, right? It's where you as a marketer get, oh I don't know – personal with your customer. In a matter of speaking of course. The amount of statistical data that supports the benefits of personalization is mind-blowing. 

And speaking of mind-blowing…

As the copy reads on the image itself: An overwhelming 76% OF MARKETING LEADERS BELIEVE THAT THEIR CUSTOMERS CURRENTLY RECEIVE LITTLE TO NO PERSONALIZED INFORMATION, indicating a need for growth in personalization efforts.

Excuse me while I find the nearest wall to bang my head against.

This is 2016 people, not 1996 or 2006. 

The question that is begging, if not screaming, to be asked is: “Why aren’t more companies utilizing and benefitting from testing and personalization?”  

No Babysitting Required 

Increasing customer acquisition and boosting revenue are a lot to ask of any technology. But the plain, simple truth is there are technologies available today that address all the aforementioned concerns and can help companies reap the rewards of testing and personalization. 

The need is clear to have a tool that will scale across not only email, but also SMS, MMS, Mobile Push, In-App Messaging, and display advertising. 

While this is not exactly breaking news, marketers move very fast. They have to. This is the reality of the world marketers live in today: speed and agility are paramount for success. Deadlines are laughable in terms of reality, as work that used to take weeks now needs to be done in hours. 

Marketers need technology that does all the heavy lifting for them without requiring babysitting or manual attention. They need technology to be automatic because, well, they have a million other things to do. 

The #1 challenge facing today's CMOs

While testing and personalization are very important – at least they better be, they are not the most pressing need facing CMOs today. Download The Data Driven CMO and see for yourself what's keeping CMOs up at night.