Your readers miss you :(

Your readers miss you :(

Focus on your writing goals. 500 words at a time.

We are 5 months into the year, and your blog’s New Year’s Resolution is covered in cobwebs.

“Ahh, I’ll do it next week for sure!”

Truth is, if you’re like most writers, excuses just keep getting in the way of the next time you hit publish.

If runners set goals of how many miles they run daily, shouldn’t writers set goals of how many words to put on paper too?

Enter BlankPage, a distraction-free writing app that motivates you to write – every day.

BlankPage helps writers become authors.

BlankPage is a full writing environment with a minimalist text editor, a powerful outlining tool, and social features all centered around motivational cues to help you keep writing.

BlankPage gives you detailed statistics about when and how you write. Intelligent reminders for when you should write and a never ending stream of inspirational content to help get you going.

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I’ve been using it the past few weeks and have been churning out article after article:

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Most writers would give an arm and a leg to make this kind of progress towards their writing goals.

But you know AppSumo never lets you pay in limbs for anything.

How bad ass of a deal is this? BlankPage charges its users $10/month.

So this is the deal we hustled: We got you LIFETIME access for only $25!

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We asked our head of the SumoMe Content Marketing team to take BlankPage for a test drive, and this is what she had to say:

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One week later…

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Use this app to drive thousands of fans to your blog, craft better writing for work, or finally finish that book you’ve been working on.

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Just you, your writing, and your goal.

You’re going to end up subscribing to BlankPage sooner or later, so you might as well do it now with the incredible deal we got you!

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Let this email be the last distraction in your writing journey.

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Lifetime Access to BlankPage!

  • Lifetime access to BlankPage.
  • Distraction free writing environment.
  • Track your progress and set clear goals.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

AppSumo Price: $25
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