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Hello guys and welcome back to this post where I’m going to share with you what you can actually do with the products that you have designed and put on sale using Gear Bubble, okay. So basically you have seen how you can launch a campaign on gear bubble, you have seen that you can create different types of products, you just have to upload the design. You can create  T-shirts, necklaces, mugs, pillows and whatever you could think about that could be obviously personalized.

So basically after you have launched your campaign there, your mug or T shirt or whatever, you want to set it right? Now, in the case in which you have a community, for example, maybe you are passionate about French bulldogs or something like that and you have a blog or a website which has traffic, you have an email database of people who would actually buy stuff from you or a community then that’s fine and you probably already know how to market your products but what do you do when you don’t have these things? When you don’t have the community okay, when just starting out from scratch and you just want to make a business and be able to sell very good design that you create and you want to sell a product to that design okay, so basically starting from scratch without having any experience.

Well, one way to go would be to try out Facebook Ads okay, but Facebook Ads are pretty expensive; they’re not that easy to create and then basically to find the right type of Ads, so probably would have to board in a couple of hundreds of dollars to find the right combination and you don’t want to do that right? Especially in the beginning when you’re just starting up, afterwards, maybe after a while after you are making a couple of thousands per month you are able to buy only just for a way a couple of hundreds of dollars to optimize your Facebook Ads in order to work but in the beginning you do not afford to do that right? So you want something that can generate your sales like free traffic or something which is pretty targeted and you somehow know for sure that will generate sales for you.

Some of the first things that I would recommend to you guys to do is to try to sell your products on market places  and our first example of marketplace where you can sell your product is Basically on Amazon you can become a seller; It’s very easy to become a seller, you have to pay like a monthly fee of $49. And afterwards, after you become a seller, for the first month is free so don’t worry about that, you don’t have to pay the $49 from the beginning, it’s free the first month. So you have like a trial period, afterwards is $49 per month, it’s not a big deal if you have multiple listings and you start to sell, it’s actually not a big deal.

So how do you create your Amazon seller account? Now, what does that mean? For example, if you go to an Amazon product okay or let me just go to the department store, let’s see mugs, then you just search for mugs okay, it’s much easier this way okay. And then we scroll down, so you can see here that there are a lot of types of marks here. And the cool part is, for example, if you look at this one okay, this man here, it says FBA seller okay, so basically this mug is sold by a seller like you, this one – the same, the
ones that where you see FBA seller, it’s sold by someone like you. This one the same,
this one the same, this one actually by a different types of person, its sold. So, as you
can see there are many people like you who are selling good on Amazon, so it’s very easy to do it okay, it’s not so hard.

What you want to do in order to be able to sell like this, you have to go on Google,
search for seller central okay, you have to go to this first address here “”. And here, because I already have an account, I won’t log in but the whole idea is that not already selling on Amazon, you have to register okay. Go and click on this link, “register now” and after you register, you will have two options
of selling, you would have fulfillment by Amazon and you don’t want to do that one, that’s for something different, when you have your own products, your own stock of products okay and other things. And you’ll have another option “Fulfilled by Merchant” and that’s the one that you have to go for, you have to create your seller account and then you have to release the product and select sold by merchant, fulfilled by merchant.

What does that mean? Whenever somebody orders your product, you will get all the details from them, they will pay to Amazon and after and with those details you can make that order on Gear Bubble and send their order okay, so this is very easy. So you get paid in Amazon, you get the details of the person who pays you, this is called “Drop shipping” okay, you get the details where the address and everything where you have to ship the product. Then you go on gear bubble, you make an order on gear bubble with the details of that person and gear bubble will deliver the products directly to that person, it’s very easy, it’s called “Drop shipping”. You just copy and paste the order from Amazon with the details of that person and put the order in gear bubble and that’s it, it will ship directly.., gear bubble will ship it directly to that client okay.



Very similar to what you can do on Amazon, it’s eBay, you can go to eBay. Also, we probably already know it’s a huge marketplace, you have to create an account, you will have a selling options in your account and after you apply to become a seller on eBay seller you can start to create listings, you have a maximum of ten listings in the beginning. Afterwards, after a certain number of transactions and after a certain amount of money which went for your account you are able to list more products okay, but in

the beginning, just create an account on eBay, you will see that you have the possibility to sell after you create your account and just apply for that selling account okay. Create your first listing and sell the products for eBay. Now, why do I recommend you to go to this market places like Amazon and eBay, because they already have traffic and it’s free traffic and more than that these are actual people who are looking to buy stuff okay because otherwise there wouldn’t be searching for products on marketplaces right; these are people who are actually interested already in buying stuff, so the probability for them if they go to see your product on your listing to actually buy your product is very big okay because they’re already interested, that’s why they are on eBay. on Amazon to buy stuff okay. So this is very important.

Now, another website that you can use in a very similar way like eBay and Amazon, it’s “”. Now, most of the sellers we charge here on for example, even go to jewelry, anklets okay. So most of the sellers that you will find here are people who
are doing like handmade jewelry, handmade clothing and stuff like that, you know different types of handmade stuff. So basically, something like coffee mugs or things
like that, let me search for coffee mug right? Coffee mug, okay, so things like coffee mug, personalized coffee mug and stuff like that, you’ll find them all over the place here and basically you can sell them for a very good product right? You can see here $14 okay, $14, $10. So you actually get a very good margin for these products that you’ll sell here okay. So this is another way to go for go and easy and people who are coming on etsy are actually interested in buying this type of stuff okay because this is a marketplace for stuff for products which are personalized and handmade. Okay, So this is a very good place also to put your products. So right from the get go, I’ve just given you free options that you can use in order to start from scratch to sell your products from gear bubble okay, without actually having to put any other money into advertising or creating.., I know what other kind of things okay.

Now another thing that you can do and this is the final thing that I will show you in this video is actually create a Facebook store, so what you have to do is go on Facebook, create a Facebook page like something related to niche okay, that you are selling the product in for example, I’ve talked before about French bulldogs right? So that was our niche as an example. Now you can go on Facebook with the page related to French bulldogs okay. And after you create a page you will see that on Facebook automatically right now in the tab section right here, you’ll have this option, “shop” okay. So basically all the pages have a shop on Facebook, so what you can do is also create a shop on Facebook, so go into this tab, edit it, you create. You’ll see that it’s very intuitive, very simple to create a shop on Facebook, add your product from gear bubble there with the

details and everything. And after that as I’ve told you before, if you are experienced in advertising on Facebook, you can create your own Facebook Ads to advertise your shop on Facebook or you can drive traffic any other way or keep to your Facebook shop, maybe invite friends you know are passionate going to groups okay, Facebook groups about French bulldogs; go on Instagram searching for answers that can promote your product and so on okay.

So there are different different ways of approaching this as a business but my recommendations especially in the beginning, go on Amazon, go on eBay, go on Etsy, create those accounts, publish your products there and you’ll see that sales will come in if you choose the right price and you create a beautiful design and a beautiful listing.

Okay guys, thank you very much, I hope that this was helpful for you and I hope that you will put this in practice and also I hope that you will make a business out of this and that you will make many sales and many profits. I’m actually looking for your success stories and wish you all the best and maximum success.

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