Arbitrage with Gearbubble – Introduction


Hello guys and thank you very much for joining me in this short series where I will show you how you can use gear bubble, a very popular website platform to generate an online income, to build an online business out of creating different types of designs and selling them on different types of products like coffee mugs, T shirts, necklaces and other type of products like that. Obviously you might think at first sight that this type of business or model of business is dedicated to designers but that’s not true, anyone can do this type of business because even if you’re not a designer you can work with someone who is a designer or you can take care of the marketing part or you can hire someone to create the designs for you or buy the designs already created. So there are different ways of doing this business.

Now, first things first, I want to get you introduced into the actual platform to see how it works. Basically, let’s say that you have a couple of very cool designs both created by ourselves or created by a partner, it doesn’t matter; what you can do is use those designs to sell them for this platform. Basically, on the platform you will automatically apply the designs on T shirts, on coffee mugs exactly like I’ve told you earlier and you just have to upload the design, they will do all the shipment to the fulfillment part for you, they take care of the orders of the logistics and everything; you just have to take care to have cool design and to promote the actual product that you want to sell okay.

So first things first, let me show you exactly how you can create an account on this platform. So the platform is called and you will see that there are different spins that you can take for this business okay, there are different ways of of doing this business but let’s first of all create the actual account that you need in order to be able to sell the stuff.

So go to, you will have some options here, for me it’s.., as you can see I’ve just signed out because I was already logged in to the platform. You’ll have an option to get started okay, start selling your own products, they also create an account for free on their platform. I won’t take you through the accomplish part because it’s actually very easy, so good; it’s nothing that you have to worry about okay, it’s just a couple of fields to fill in with your personal information, email address, password, name and that’s about it.

And after you have created your account and confirmed it from your email address, you come back to the platform on, you’ll have an option here ‐ login, I’ll press the login button, that’s what you have to do as well. And you can see that I already have my information here remembered by my browser, I would check this option remember me so that the next time I don’t have to log in again I would be already logged in when I enter on the platform and what I want to do right now is press on the login now button and basically here with these “my dashboard” I’ve just logged into my account okay. So this is the dashboard; it’s actually very simple, you’ll see that you have some options here basically, this is your menu, get paid, stores, invites, discounts, reports, affiliate dash, launch campaign.

Basically, what’s very cool about the platform is that you also have this affiliate dash option, so it allows you to sell your products for affiliates or to give out affiliate commissions or key to people who are promoting your products. In my opinion, this is one of the best way that you can use to promote products because basically you don’t have to pay for traffic that you don’t know that will actually

convert, you are only paying for traffic that sells okay; so that’s why affiliate marketing in my opinion, it’s one of the best way to go in any type of business.

Then you will see that you have this option here ‐ stores and I am going to a lot of detail with that because in order to be able to access this stores part okay, for you to be able to create a store on gear bubble, you need to have at least three products live. How do you put your product live out there where first of all, you have to launch a campaign, basically a campaign is adding your fourth product here on the platform to be able to sell okay.

So let’s see how we can add our first product okay, first of all we go to the launch campaign, we click on this, we have some options, traditional couple club stack store, we want to go for the traditional one, okay and here it is. So the first thing that we have to do is to select our product okay, you can see that this is a three step process, select your product, create your design and add a description. So you can see all the types of products that we have here, we have coffee mug, necklace, bracelet, shirt/hoodie, phone case, hat, beanie, pillow case, poster, all‐over and leggings which is actually pretty cool.

So we have like eleven products here, eleven products from which we can choose or we can use the same design to sell on eleven different products which can be very profitable obviously right? But some of you guys maybe just want to designs for coffee mugs, some just for shirts, some of you maybe just for beanies or for leggings, I know. For example, I’ve never tested leggings but I think it can be pretty profitable and cool okay, but I would just go for this example with the first option that we have, with the coffee mug right? So I will click on the coffee mug, and I will present next step button here, and here we go, we are into our next step okay, from the process.

You can see that we have a button here upload design. Basically, you have to click here, you already have your design radio already created in order to be able to put it on the coffee mug okay, you can see your design when your apply it like this or you can check this point here, useful wrapping, so you can see basically how your design will come on the whole coffee mug, you can see that this area here is the center of the mark okay, why? Because it’s round the mark zone so you cannot see how the design comes only if it’s in this wrap mode okay; I like to see it like this but anyway if you just want a simple design that it’s applied on one side that’s okay; if you want to see the whole image just use the full wrap image right?

Then after you upload your design and I will just add something for the test, you have to choose the default style, so you have to choose the type of mark that you want to use okay, and you’ll see that you have like three or four options here okay, this one is the small one, the variation, the metallic variation of this one and you also have the color changing one so basically, the color changing mark is that type of of mark which when you pour hot drink in to it, hot water or something okay, because of the temperature so you will actually be able to see the design, otherwise it will be black okay. So when the mug is empty without any hot drink in it okay, it could be black or when it as cold drinking it, it would be black but when it has hot hard thing like coffee tea or something it will become white and allows you to see the actual design right? So this can be something very interesting but I would go for the normal one right now.

And after that we have to choose the colors, we have the default color, we can see that we can add other colors as well; we have white and black, let’s go for color cream ‐ click color to remove, add color, no. So basically for this type of product, we have only these two colors okay, black and white. Now let me show you how the design looks like if you upload the design and so let’s upload our graphic; you can see that you have some requirements here like maximum file size file size, file types, full wrapped image dimensions, each dimension background must be transparent, logical okay. So take in consideration these requirements especially the file size and the file type and I will just click on this button, I’ll load graphic, I will look for cat, I know that I have downloaded the png icon with a cat, so this is it; I don’t know if anyone would buy this but this is just for the example okay. So this is our design and this is how it looks on the actual okay.

Now, we can play around with design; I mean we can move it okay, wherever we want but we want it in center okay, we can rotate it if we want to as you can see, you just have to go with your cursor over the image and you have all of these options right? You can re‐size it ‐ you just have to click here on the small icon and hold the click pressed okay, and drag and drop to change the size, so I think this is a good size for this okay, you can center it okay and that’s about it. So this is how it will look okay, this is how our mug will look with icon on it.

Then you can see that the next option that you have is the base cost; so here is basically the price at which you sell and here you can see the profit that you make for every sale okay, now what you want to do probably is you want to check out of the market places out there okay, where people buy coffee mugs like the one you want to sell and see which is the average price and go probably for that price or even a little bit below or if you sell something that is similar to other products, you have to go for the same price or it would be lower; if you sell something that has something unique and that’s how it’s recommended you can go for it a bit higher but not too much okay. I know for example if a coffee mug with sells for $19.95, I think it’s a little bit much, I would sell it for example for $9.95 or $11.95 and I think that seven dollars for a coffee mug, it’s more than enough in profit I mean if you sell like five these every day, it’s more than enough in profit for a single model that you have of coffee mug right.

Then you can also give your design layer a name, so you can save it for the future, you can also add a text layer to design if you want to or another photo layer. I don’t want to, I just want to leave it like this okay, you can also duplicate the image on the black, on the back sorry; that means that on the other side of the coffee mug you will have the image, the same image put again okay, and when you are done with everything you just have to press next step okay, so press next step and bear with me for a couple of seconds till the whole campaign load, till the app loads actually. So this is how the coffee mug will look like, pretty nice right. You have to give your campaign title, be sure that you give a good title to your campaign, an attractive title because this is what your customers are going to see, your potential customers okay, like super cool limited edition cat coffee mug okay, something like that and that’s it.

Then you have the description okay, description field is already populated by them but you can add your own things in here, your own details like the coffee mug dimensions okay, the details about the design and stuff like that if you want to. Okay, like how many pieces are available, you can add scarcity in your description and other things like that. So it’s your option obviously and after you are done with the

description you have to choose a category for your product which is by the way optional but it’s recommended, at least I recommend you to do so and we will choose animals then you have to add tags like coffee mug okay, cat lover, cats, mug okay, store, funny and that’s about it okay.

So this is just an example, you can add different tags; I recommend you do at keywords and stuff that are relevant for your product because it would be easier for people to find it that way and it will also help you maybe in time to get traffic from other places like google search engine and other things like that.

Then you have the campaign launch and basically the campaign length, how much you want to campaign to last okay, like 6 days okay, 5 days, and when do you want it to end, okay, select; the hour and then you have to choose a URL to create a URL for your product ‐ funny cat okay, so this is our URL.

Start selling… set selling price, so this is our selling price. The bottom text so you can choose the text on your button ‐ buy now. Campaign options ‐ evergreen. So basically, even if you have chosen the campaign to be only 5 days basically the campaign will be evergreen okay, so you will be able to sell and sell and sell again and again; set back as default side to show ‐ for the product? NO we want it on the front. Terms of Service ‐ okay, everything is ready right now okay, you have to check terms of service obviously as well. So check all the details once again so you can be sure that you didn’t miss anything and after all this part is done, you just have to press this button “launch campaign” okay, and basically will see that you are ready to launch a campaign okay.

So this is it guys, very simple; our new campaign is now live, let’s check it out, so you will see that we have this link here. Okay, so this is our campaign okay, $11.95, Super Cool Limited Edition Cat Coffee Mug okay, “Buy it now “. So this how your page of your product will look like okay, you can just, I think I didn’t put the “C” inhere in the funny.., it’s “funnyat” he should have been “funnycat” but anyway we got the idea this is just an example, so no worries. What you want to do is copy this link here and promote it in any places you want to or to get sales or you should have a marketing strategy before you launch a product, that’s the whole idea or I will show you a couple of places in other videos where you can sell your products; actually this is the business model that I was talking to you about okay, so you can give different spins to this business model; either you already have a community center then passionate about your niche or you can use different techniques to get sales for your products okay.

Now let me go back because I haven’t showed you a couple of other things here, you can view your campaign to see exactly statistics; you can optimize this campaign so they can relate to the campaigns; select an upsell, you can upsell people, maybe sell a sort of T shirt. You can set up a big sell okay, maybe you want to install a Facebook conversion pixel on your page, so you can re‐target people after that. So you can do all of this type of things but I won’t go into any details because it can be complicated if you already know how to do Facebook Ads, you know what Facebook pixel is. An upsell, I think everybody knows what an upsell is basically, you can create another another product with a different design or the same design like a T shirt or a bigger mug, maybe people would want to buy two mugs or the metallic mug or something like that and that’s about it. So you can go for these options as well if you want okay.

So this is it guys for this video, I hope this was helpful for you; I’m looking for to see that you have created your gear bubble account and you have set up your first campaign and I’m also looking forward to see you in the other videos and in the next lectures as well.

Until till next time,


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