Why Content Is King… And Where To Get Web Site Content


Getting content for web sites is one of the challenges every webmaster faces. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Content is king.” Have you ever wondered why content is king? And have you ever wished it was easier to find content for web sites?

Content is king for one reason: People surf for content. Each of the major search engines is only successful to the extent that it helps people find the web site content they are looking for. Whichever search engine helps people find that web site content the quickest becomes the most popular. The more popular the search engine is, the more money it makes from advertising.

That last paragraph contains the secret of why content is king. Search engines make money from advertising. And they make more money from advertising if they consistently help people find the web site content they are searching for.

Now that you know why content is King, the next question is: Where can you find content for web sites?

The two easiest sources for content for web sites are article directories and private label rights.

Article directories are huge directories of articles. In most cases, you are free to publish articles from the article directories on your web site and in your newsletters or ezines. Be sure to read each article directory’s terms of service, because some have limitations. But in general, article directories exist to give writers a place to publish their articles and to give publishers a place to get content for web sites and newsletters.

Article directories like EzineArticles.com and ElectricText.com provide content for web sites on almost any topic you need. You can also find hundreds of article directories that provide content for web sites with a simple search for “article directories” in any search engine.

There are two advantages to getting your web site content from article directories rather than from private label rights articles and eBooks:

1. Articles from article directories are normally free – you do not have to pay anything for the rights to publish the articles.

2. There are tens of thousands of articles available for web site content on virtually any topic you may need.

Private label rights can be acquired in a variety of ways. In general, private label rights mean you have the right to put your name on the product as the author. You can get private label rights articles, private label rights eBooks, even private label rights software and scripts.

For web site content, you want private label rights articles and eBooks. You can get private label rights articles and eBooks from membership web sites such as Gigantic Resale Rights.com that specialize in resale rights and private label rights products. You can use the articles for web site content more directly. And you can use many of the eBooks as content for web sites by breaking them up into articles or web pages.

There are two advantages to getting your web site content from private label rights articles and eBooks rather than from article directories:

1. Generally you can put your name as the author. You can include it as regular web content or as an article with your resource box at the end. Check the terms of service of the private label rights to determine your rights in using it as web site content.

2. Generally you can also (and in some cases must) edit and modify the text to make it unique. This is especially true if you have a private label rights eBook that grants you the rights to break it up into articles or pages as content for web sites. Again, be sure to check the terms of service of the private label rights to determine your rights.

Breaking up private label rights books into articles is a great way to get content for web sites. Why? Because it takes effort. Most people will not take the time and effort. If you do, you will have more unique content on your web site. Unique content is another aspect of “content is king.”

Search engines hunger for content. With articles from article directories and private label rights articles and eBooks, you can feed that hunger with an unending supply of content for your web sites. As the search engines gobble up your web site content, it won’t take long to understand why content is king!


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