Lecture 11 – How To Create An Ebay Listing


Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome back to our next lecture and video. Alright now, in this lecture and video I will show you how to create a new listing, how to practically put your first product out there for sell on eBay.

We are right now into our eBay dashboard okay, into the selling of account on My eBay All Selling as I first specified and told you before you… In the beginning, when you set up a new account you will have a monthly selling limit, so you have up to 10 items and up to $500 per month which ever comes first okay, so you’ll have these limits. After you pass these limits or if you’re practically could past them very quickly, you can request higher selling limits okay, you can even call eBay and tell them okay, look sales are going very well, I need you to increase my selling limits because I make sales, I make the orders and everything, it’s okay okay? So you also can have a look at this, “how selling limits works”, so you can have an overview of exactly how these limits are put out there and which is the purpose of them.

But the idea is that in the beginning, that’s why I’ve told you that for every listing that you make, you will put only one product in stock okay, because you don’t have so many listings and you don’t have such a big value okay and you will also choose products that are maximum five, that you’ll sell for maximum $50 okay, maximum. So why? Because you also need to sell them very fast. Now what you’ll do at this point, so after you have created setup everything into your account, you will go here and you will have an option “sell an item” you’ll press this option and for the sake of this example, we’ll go to Amazon.com and look for something which is called Burger Press in all department and we have different options here and from what I’ve checked on eBay and Amazon it’s a good place for you to check out new products that aren’t already sold by other sellers their on eBay.

For example, what you’ll find on eBay, it’s this type of Press but you won’t find this type of Press okay or this type, “Silicone Burger Press. So what I will do it’s go here on the Silicone Burger Press okay, first things first, I need to give it a name, I will just give it a name so I can create the listing, I Press the button get started.

Now, what’s very important is the fact that you can go to a site which is called “TitleBuilder.com” and here you will Press Title Builder and describe your item into four keywords. I will copy paste Silicone Burger Press here and it will give me some ideas of keywords that I can use to optimize my listing okay, and here we will see some things okay, such BBQ, grill. So people are searching these things and then we have extra Burger Press Silicone okay, so I need to use all of these keywords or as much as possible from them okay, in order to create a listing and the title that is optimized and gets in front of people. So people.., when people who search actually

for something, for any of these keywords, I have bigger chances that my product appears in front of their.., in their eyes okay, in their searches if I will use this keywords there and optimize the listing properly okay.

So, whenever I want to create my title, I will come here to Title Builder, I will copy paste what’s important for that product okay, so you can Burger Press and I can see everything that people are looking for related to this okay. So I have BBQ, grill or Burger Press Silicon okay. So I will use some of these things okay, to create my title. So right now we will have Silicone Burger Press for BBQ. and grill because these are things that people are looking for okay. Then we have Search Categories and we already have some things okay, that are suggested to us, recommended to us and they are actually good. So we have home and garden, kitchen dining, Burger Press yeah, okay and that’s about it.

Now we will Press the button continue and we wait for a couple of seconds. Okay and now we are at the next step, so we have our title, we have our categories, condition okay, new okay, the item is new, we have to select this. Add photos – the recommendation is because I see a lot of people are practically adding only one photo to their listing is to add at least two photos and also the titles of those photos when you’re save them to your computer and upload them here should be optimized. For example, one photo should be called okay, should have the name Silicon Burger Press one and the other can have BBQ grill Silicone Burger Press. I give you an example only if you upload two of them and the recommendation is to upload at least two of them as I’ve told you okay so add/edit your photos. You’ll have to practically keep in mind that you have some more dimensions that you need to look for when you upload your photos, to have your photos at least 600 pixels or 400 pixels or something like that okay, when you upload them.

Then you will have items specifics okay, UPC, enter UPC, which is UPC? It’s like a code okay, a barcode. Now what you’ll do is go here and you would have the ASIN number okay and you’ll paste this one here. So this ASIN number you’ll paste here okay, then you’ll have the type, BBQ okay, apron, no, this is not for you. The brand – if you have any brand for this and you type in the brand if it’s a brand or not, just type in Silicone Burger Press by SiliCo, so the brand is SiliCo okay. The manufacturer does not apply here, you have to press this, “Does Not Apply”. Then you have color; model – if you have any model; country region of manufacture – you can put China, probably its made in China okay, I can’t find it China, Okay.

“Add your own item” okay, if you want to add other things types okay, details then you will have details and in the detail section here you will copy these things here

okay, the details that you see here and also if you have other details here try to optimize this with the keywords that you have here in the Title Builder okay So check the details before and try to integrate these keywords in the description of your product that you create here and practically you will only copy the details from here and from here if you can, in the spot here in the details and that’s about it. Then you will have to choose a format price – fixed price, remember to put at least forty percent over the the selling price that you have here on Amazon which is actually $25, so probably it will be like $36.99, something like that okay. Allow buyers to send you their best offers – nope, you check this off.

Okay, eBay for charity – you can donate some of your fees here okay, donation percentage if you want to, I do not wish to donate at this time, you don’t want to, you don’t wish to do it at this time. Said “how you’ll be paid” okay, PayPal and that’s all okay, require immediate payment okay – yes okay, this, correct. Add shipping details – US shipping okay. So you’ll probably have UPS ground one to six okay, and for this type of item as you can see here, I think we have free shipping which is kind of cool but you need to look for that. Okay ship tool, yes I want free tool okay, you have free shipping for this it’s $24 in free shipping okay so you can add free shipping for this and UPS ground, yeah. I think this is okay, so this is the standard services, check one of the standard services you can do, standard shipping from shipping handling time to business days okay, you don’t want to put one because it’s too small time, you don’t want to put free business day because it’s too long time.

Sell globally – yes and then you will have package type okay, dimensions then you will have to look here in your listing to see which are the packages dimensions okay, product dimensions, shipping weight okay. So here are the things that you need to copy and put in there okay, so you will have to go here and press 11 X 11 okay. The weight – … or less okay one lb or less okay yeah it’s 16oz. Item location – so
practically when when you add your first listing here, you won’t have an address, you need to write in address for the United States of America okay, it doesn’t matter which is the address, you need to type here an address for the united.., a real address for the United States of America; it doesn’t matter what address it is but you need to put that here okay, so you practically have the location of the item and that’s about it. Other details, you don’t need to add any details here and you’re free so far and that’s worth it okay.

Now, which is the next step is press button “Continue” okay. Description ID – please add a description, I didn’t have the pictures. So these are the things that I didn’t add to this example but after you add description and pictures, you go press the button continue okay and your listing will go life and that’s it guys. So after that your listing

will go live and you will start to make fuels for your listing, people will start to watch it and after that you can actually make sales, you’ll have your first product live for selling on eBay. So congratulations for you guys.

Now, your fees for the listing so far, because you will have that here are these ones, $0.46; that’s means 46 cents actually. So you will have to pay these fees but not right now on the spot to say so okay, but that’s the fees of eBay for your listing and that’s about it guys okay; it’s actually very simple; after that you’ll have your first product live and selling on eBay, so congratulations for you.

Thank you very much guys for your attention, I hope this was helpful for you and I am looking forward to showing our next video and lecture where I will show you exactly how you can find good products to sell on eBay or for other marketplaces through drop shipping okay.

Thank you very much guys and I’m looking forward to see you in our next lecture, bye for now.


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