Lecture 7 – Two Efficient Methods To Find Products


Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome back to our next lecture and video from this course, in this lecture and video I will show you how you can find products that you can post on eBay or on other marketplaces to do drop shipping on them; how to find good products that actually sell, and for this we will have actually two methods that will discuss about:

The first one is to look into the actual marketplace where you want to post your product for selling, that means in this case on eBay to look for the products that are actually sold and we’ll discuss a little bit more about this in detail after I tell you which is the second method which is to do a type of reverse marketing, so to look into the marketplace where you will actually find the product that you will post on eBay for best selling products or products that are hot or on the trend or just appear and they sell very good and on which you don’t have too much competition on eBay. And before in a different lecture I just gave you an example on Amazon with this Silicone Burger Press because if you look for Burger presses on eBay, you will find only this type of Burger Press or this type right here okay. If you want to find this type of Burger Press which is a Silicone Burger Press for more (unclear) to say so okay and this one it’s not yet posted on eBay But how did I found this Burger Press not on eBay, I came on Amazon.com and I went in the home and kitchen department okay, in the kitchen and dining and I looked for best selling products and I went through all the pages and I found this type of product okay .

Now let me show you an example, so you just go to departments, home and garden tools, kitchen and dining, you press on this pattern here. So this is for the second method guys this is practically sort of reverse marketing technique. And you go here and you will have here best sellers okay, you go to best sellers and then you can see everything in detail okay, all the best sellers selling products in the section of home and kitchen. And you take them page by page okay, so if you find any product that, I don’t know, that you seem to like okay and then search for it on eBay to see what competition you have and if you don’t find anything on the first page you can go even deeper to see the best sellers for example in bakeware, in bar and tools, in kitchen and table linens. For example, we go in kitchen and table linens and we have even more here. We can go even deeper into aprons, I’m just giving you an example and we see the best sellers in aprons okay. So each are the chances for someone to have the product here or to have the product that you would find here posted on eBay for sale, okay. There is a chance but there is more likely for you to find a better product here or the deeper you go into the into the categories, then to find on the first page a product that sells and that’s that’s practically how I found the Burger Press that I just showed you before and this is how you can find the aprons.

Now let me show you the first method which is to go in the actual market place on eBay to see which are the best sellers. For example, right now we are on eBay.com and we can go in the Home and Garden section, we will just press home and garden and we will have here more options, bath bedding, home decor, home improvement, kitchen dining, which we can go to kitchen dining and bar and we can go to bakeware okay and we just went to Bakerware and what we will do here is first of all go here and show only sold listings, that’s wants, to see what sells okay, and then we’ll also and rated, no, no. All this the search for all this fast note view and price shipping. We can sort after price shipping which would be a good idea but we have already spotted okay, sold listings complete listings, free international shipping, also we can go for this one, delivery options, free international shipping. And we can select a certain price range and we will go for $10 to $50 and all listings okay, size, condition, new, we are interested only in new and that’s about it. We do have brand, type, color – no. This is what’s important for us.

That’s about it guys, we can go even further or keep to see here which is the material, which is the format, that and so on but I think this is enough to see exactly which are
the top sellers okay, which are the listings we are looking for, the prices okay, the prices, (unclear 05:29) the prices from $10 to $50 actually, let’s put $20, let’s see right now, okay and that’s about it okay, so if we go to complete listing, we can see things that actually have been sold okay, this is very important.

So guys this is how to find good products on eBay okay, that are actually sold you can see which is the competition on them. And afterwards you can look for them on Amazon or on other online stores or in local stores or where ever you want to source your product so you can have a very good profit margin.

Now thank you very much guys, I hope this was helpful for you and I am looking forward to see you in our next video.

By for now, Daniel


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