Lecture 8 – How To Setup Your Ebay Account correctly


Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome back to our lecture and video from this course. In this video, we’ll talk about how to create and set up your eBay account, so right now we are on eBay.com; it’s actually very simple to do that so do not panic; it’s actually very easy but I want you to have an overview of the process by having like an over shoulder view at what exactly I am doing so you can do exactly the same thing for your own account. So right now I will create a new account; I will go here and press the button register. You see you have two options, sign in which is for users that already have accounts and register which is for new users. So we’ll present button register because we want to create a new account.

We will type in our e-mail address that we want to use, okay, just a second, then we will create the password, so I think it’s okay right now. Then we have to put our first name and last name okay then our telephone number because we will get a PIN code from them okay, just a second, let’s see, can’t find.., just a second guys so here it was with (unclear 01:39) okay. So let’s type my telephone number right now and we’ll press button register okay. And now we wait (unclear) okay, nope, don’t want to save it. Customize your user name – why it’s very important, this a very important setting here to customize your user name and we’ll discuss about it.

At this point it’s not such an important setting from the standing point of a buyer or you as a buyer but it’s more important from the standing point of view as a seller. We are talking about credibility here, so people will react in a very interesting way when they are seeing different types of user’s name and practically when they will see a user name that is more professional, obviously it will be more trustworthy in front of them and they will be more likely to buy from that seller in the detriment of another seller. So you should take care of this from the beginning, set up a username that is catchy; it’s easy to remember; it sounds professional, and it’s trustworthy okay. So for example, because we will be selling different types of products you can do something with the professional deals or for example, I have on one of my accounts smart deals. So you can juggle with different type of of words like this, but you need to sound somehow professional and to send out the message that you are selling different things at very good prices and you are also trustworthy in the same time okay. So I hope all of this makes sense for you guys but I think you got the idea mainly okay.

So right now let’s get back to our account, we’ll press the button continue, and we are now having an account and we are logged in into our account here on eBay. Now what you will do right now because we are again on the front page but difference right now is that we are logged in to our new account, we will go to my eBay and we will go here to the option “selling” and we will press this option okay, selling. Okay, so after we

have pressed the selling option now we are into our seller dashboard, into our seller account and we have created our account on eBay.

Now thank you very much guys for your attention and I will see you in our next video and lecture where I will show you exactly how you need to set up your account in order to maximize your sales and profits and to avoid making different types of mistakes that can actually cost you money and time and you don’t want to make them. Thank you very much again for your attention guys and I’ll see you in our next lecture.

Bye bye till then, Daniel


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