Lecture 9 – Preparing Your Ebay Seller Account


Hello it`s Daniel again. Welcome back to our next lecture and video from this course, you have seen in the previous lectures and videos how to set up your eBay account, it’s actually very easy.

Now, let me show you some things that you can create in your eBay account, that you can set up as options, as preferences into your seller dashboard than eBay account, so you can practically maximize your sales and also avoid some mistakes that would would cost you a lot of time and also can cost you a lot of money, so let’s dive in the information.

So right now I’m logged into my account, this is the previous last part that you also have seen in the previous video, so we are a log in to our account. Now, if we go here with our mouse over option this option, the account option, we will have an option here – seller dashboard button okay, It’s like a drop down menu. We press this button, so dashboard and for me it redirected me here into this seller dashboard, so right now if you press this button here – seller dashboard okay, and after that you will go here to seller account. It will redirect you to this page okay, so some of your information is not available at this time, please try again later; your account has not been created, so your eBay account has not been activated yet, why? Because you don’t have a credit or debit card that has been posted to the account. So first things first, you need to add a debit or credit card to your account okay, and also confirm your PayPal account which you will do by by going here at this option in the menu, sorry, not this one, let’s come back okay, PayPal account. So, new to PayPal or already have a PayPal account. Now, it’s your option, you can use your already existing PayPal account, I guess you probably have an existing PayPal account to buy and sell stuff online and if not you can practically go and sign up for a PayPal account directly from here okay.

And after, you will have all of this option set up, I will show you exactly which are the options that you need to set up on certain specific so you can maximize your sales and practically avoid making any mistakes that would cost you money and time as I’ve told you before.

Thank you very much guys, so keep in mind, you need to add the credit and debit card so your your account can be actually created and confirmed and also create the PayPal account if you do not have one or link your actual PayPal account here if you have one. Thank you for your attention and I will see you in our next video and lecture.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Theiler



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