Make Money with Arbitrage – Introduction


Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome to a new business model that you can use from today with zero financial cost to start making money online right away and to build a business online.

It’s called free ways to make money online Arbitrage, I will tell you immediately what arbitrage means and why we would be discussing three ways of using this type of business to make money online; there are even more than that but we will discuss three main ways that I found to be the simplest the out of them all and practically can generate a very fast income for you even from the first few days up to a month since you start this new business model, so let’s dive into the information.

First of all, let’s start with the beginning – we will have a short introduction and first of all, I want you guys to understand exactly what Arbitrage means because this is very important. So Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets, so striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices. This is a definition according to Wikipedia, probably I’ve lost to somewhere along the way, if I would have heard this definition for the first time for Arbitrage, I would have probably understand like nothing but it’s actually very simple and let me explain in the next light how this exactly works.

Arbitrage – so we have a product okay, let’s say we have an iPhone or a Samsung phone or anything like that okay, it doesn’t matter; we have a product that is sold in two marketplaces, market one at $25 and market two at $47.What is Arbitrage? Arbitrage is practically buying from market one the product and selling it into the market two; we are actually profiting from the different price points of the two markets, which would be our profit; obviously price market to minus price market one ($47-$25) which is actually $12; that would be our profit. So it’s actually a very simple business model and the classic profit formula by far less sell for more and you will get a profit okay, that is what arbitrage is in economic terms.

Now, let’s see what types of arbitrage we will discuss in this course and class. First of all, we will discuss about arbitrage for physical products, so like the example I just gave
you with iPhone but it can be practically related to any type of physical products, I
don’t know, even shampoo if you want to or anything that is a physical product; then we will also discuss about arbitrage for digital products or services which actually is a

more new type of of arbitrage to say so but it’s getting more and more attraction and it’s getting very useful and it can be a very lucrative business model.

Now, how is this possible okay? How can we practically use this business model and why especially we can use it right now and why we should take advantage of this business model? Well first of all, it’s a model of business that can be done without apps from financial investment, you don’t need money to start with. I’m one of the adepts that every business should start through the lean startup methodology and if you can start a business without any upfront investment, that’s even better and that’s all possible because the digital era that we live in okay, these practically differences between.., that exist between marketplaces and so on.



If you think about it may be 25 years ago, this couldn’t have been possible okay. If you even think about it, even more than 25 years ago, most of the billionaires on the planet were people that were over 50 years old okay, and now a lot of the billionaires from around the world are actually people from the high take internet business models okay, that started with actually no money at all and they are billionaires under forty years old. That’s because forty years ago you needed a lot of money to start a business and now these you actually don’t, you can start from scratch with absolutely nothing in a dorm room exactly like Facebook started okay. So this is possible because you don’t need any upfront financial investment, so it’s actually a business model that is accessible for absolutely anyone from anywhere in the world; this is very important.

Now, the multitude of online marketplaces that have appeared in the last ten to fifteen years allow us to profit from different price points for the same products, why? Because we find marketplaces that are based in India, in China, in Europe, in the United States, in Africa and out of these different countries and of these markets, there are different price points okay. So for example, a product that in the United States it’s sold for $15, it’s a very likely that in Europe can be sold for $20 but in India it’s sold for $5 and maybe in Japan, it’s sold for $25 okay and we can easily profit and juggle with this prices, so we can actually take a profit from this okay.

Now, sourcing product, it’s also easier than ever because of the business to business online marketplaces, so if you go 20 years back, it was also very hard to find products okay, that you can sell. Now, it’s very easy because we have all these business to business online marketplaces where we can find suppliers from all around the world okay; that makes it very easy for us to find products that we can sell to clients in different marketplaces.

Thank you guys very much for your attention, this was all for this introduction…

Watch out for the next part in another Post. It will be published shortly!

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