Making Money Online – It’s No Myth


If you were to ask most people what Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the idea of “making money online” have in common, they would quickly tell you that all three of these things are a myth; of course, this is a natural reaction to have, as the idea of making money online seems, frankly, too good to be true, and most of us who have tried to make money online ourselves (or who know others who have tried to make money online) have met nothing but a lack of success. While we cannot tell you what Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the idea of “making money online” do, in fact, have in common, one thing we can tell you is that they are not all myths; and no, we are not trying to tell you that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster really do exist, but are instead wanting to show you just how possible it really is to make money online, and just how easy it can ultimately be to do so!

The first thing you have to realize – the core principle of making money online that you must grasp before anything else – is the fact that traffic is the currency of the Internet; this means that you absolutely need to have traffic if you want to have success online – and as such, the main area where your focus should be, in everything you do online, is in those areas that help you figure out how to filter as much traffic as possible to your site!

Now, while this is all well and good on the surface – while it may, in fact, even sound downright simple – the next thing you need to figure out is what, exactly, will lead traffic toward your site; the answer to this question, as simple as it sounds, is as follows: you need great content if you want to have lots of traffic!

Think about those times you have visited a website that provides hardly any value, and that has nothing one would mistake for “quality content”; are you likely to stick around on this site, and share this site with others, or are you likely to leave the site right away? Therein lies the key that such a great number of people fail to grasp, as they work so hard to make money online; if you have a website that people are not going to want to stick around on – a site that people are never going to choose to share with others – you are not going to be able to get this site to grow to a point where you are making a living off of it!

It is certainly true, of course, that some things will have to take place in order to jump-start your initial traffic (good SEO work on your site, or a bit of money invested into Google ads, or a solid social media campaign), but the truth is, getting that initial surge of traffic is not all that difficult; after you have built this initial surge, however, you need the traffic to grow – and this is where great content will cause your site to soar!

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