Website Traffic Generation Methods – 7 Tips You Can Use to Start Driving Traffic to Your Site Today


When it comes to generating traffic to your website some of the tips, methods and traffic generating strategies discussed in the major marketing forums are extremely popular and widely used by a majority of the top Internet Marketers.

However there are just as many methods that are not as well known and some may in fact be downright ridiculous sounding, but don’t be so quick to dismiss these options because if they are able to generate just one additional visitor to your website who ends up as a paying customer then it’s worth it to use them to send more visitors to your website.

Naturally, you will need to make sure you perform some testing to see which traffic generating method provides the best results for your online business in terms of return on investment and profitability. Here are ten methods that can be used to start sending targeted visitors to your website starting today.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #1 – Press Releases

This is a very popular method that can be used to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website in a short period of time based on its ability to provide mass exposure to your website. Probably the best known site for submitting a press release is

Website Traffic Generating Tip #2 – Free Classified Advertising

There are many marketers that would tell you to avoid using any form of cheap or free classified listings but like most things in life, there are just as many marketers that have learned how to harness the true traffic generating potential for these venues so at the very least you should consider giving them a look-over.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #3 – Blog Posting

This particular method can be effective at directly providing targeted visitors to your websites but it is more commonly used as a way to obtain backlinks to your sites which can help with your search engine rankings thus indirectly providing organic search engine traffic. The warning when using this strategy is to not go overboard and start spamming blogs in an attempt to secure links because the search engines (and webmasters of the blogs) frown upon this.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #4 – Craigslist Posting

Here is another usable method to acquire visitors to your websites. Although it still does work to some degree it has lost a bit of its effectiveness with so many people abusing Craigslist simply to get traffic to their websites.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #5 – Product Reviews

If you are someone that has their own product to sell then this tip is for you. By providing a free copy of your product to several popular marketers or to some highly visible forum owners for a review you can generate some buzz and ultimately visits to your website. In order for this to really work you need to make sure your product is actually good and not some low value time wasting garbage.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #6 – Link Exchanges

Several years ago reciprocal link exchanges were all the rage throughout the Internet Marketing world. Today, they still represent an effective traffic building method but normally they incorporate 3-way linking or with most webmasters working to get a one-way link back to their website from what is commonly called authority sites.

Website Traffic Generating Tip #7 – Viral Giveaway

Currently this strategy is one of the most popular methods to sending a massive amount of traffic to your website when done properly. What makes this particular method even more exciting and popular is its ability to build a list of subscribers for you which, once a meaningful relationship has been built between yourself and the subscribers can be profitable for years to come. This is one of my personal favorite traffic generating strategies.

This article illustrates seven ways to generate traffic to your website. With so many different ways to accomplish this vital task it is important that you learn as many as you can and work towards becoming an expert of the methods that you find work the best for your online business.

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